Reservoir Help

This section gives a more detailed flow of how to use Reservoir from beginning to end
  • Registration
    • Email Address

      Your email address is used for logging into the site, receiving emails from Reservoir about upcoming releases, updates, and other general information.

    • Password

      Your password is used to login and authenticate your Reservoir account.

    • XRP Ledger Address

      The third and final piece of registration is your XRP Ledger Address. This is the address that your Escrow will be released back into after it has matured (referred to as Destination Address).

  • Login
    • Login

      To login to Reservoir, you just need to enter you email address and password that you registered with. However, if you have not accepted the terms and conditions yet (indicated by a pop up and links to our legal section found here), you will need to do so before you can successfully login.

  • Terms and Conditions
    • Terms and Conditions

      All users who wish to use Reservoir and any of its services must accept our Terms of Use which represents our legal section which can be found here.

  • Funding Your Account
    • Transferring XRP to Your Reservoir Wallet

      In order to send XRP to Escrow, you'll need to fund your Reservoir Wallet and have an active Destination Address. You can find your Destination Address in the account section which can be accessed by logging in and clicking the Account tab in the navigation bar. You will then need to send your desired amount of XRP from your Personal Wallet to your Reservoir Wallet. Once your XRP has been received by your Reservoir Wallet you are ready to take the next step, which is sending some XRP to Escrow!

  • Executing Escrow
    • Sending XRP to Escrow

      There are a few guidelines that must be followed when setting up an escrow transaction:

      • Positive Integer XRP Value

      • Mature Date set in the future by at least 5 minutes

      • Enough XRP in your Reservoir Wallet to collectively cover the following:

        • 20 XRP as a Base Reserve amount. For reference see this article.
        • 5 XRP for each active, non released escrow
        • enough XRP to cover the 3% Reservoir Fee
        • enough XRP to cover the XRP Ledger Fee
        • Example Formula

          For example: if your Reservoir Wallet contains 1000 XRP and you have 5 active escrows that have not yet been released and you're attempting to escrow 100 XRP. You must have:

          (5 XRP * 5 active escrows) + 20 XRP + Proposed Escrow Amount + (0.03 * Proposed Escrow Amount)

    • To execute an escrow, make sure all of your information is valid and click the send button.

  • Releasing Escrow
    • Releasing Mature Escrow

      Once your escrow has been executed, it will remain in lockup until the mature date. Once the mature date has been reached, the escrow object on the XRP Ledger will have the ability to be released. To release the escrow, you simply press the release button. After you've pressed the button you will receive an email with a code to enter that will validate the escrow release. Once the code has been validated, your escrow is released to the destination address provided at the time the escrow was executed.

      Displaying Released Escrow

      Any escrow that has been submitted through Reservoir will be displayed in the account section and has 3 possible states to be in (non-official terms):

      • Awaiting Mature Date
      • Awaiting Release
      • Released